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Will definitely recommend them to everyone who is getting married.

I've completed my thread on a guide to a budget condo earlier here Guide to a budget condo and hence the next one is the guide to a budget wedding.

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We both earn a decent living however, however there are reasons that we wanted a budget wedding because of current family commitments, house commitments etc. Here's a few thing that you will find this thread useful:1.

Your parents are not paying anything, the wedding is fully funded by both of you2.

Only cost about RM69-100 Curves Boutique Bought my shoes from Charles & Keith a while ago, white one with lace.

Pinjam link to share here, the same pair that I got 2 years ago I won't speak about the guy's attire because I assumed that shirt can be easily bought anywhere.

You're not realistic and you don't live up to the standards of the rest5.

You don't go compare with the friends around you6.

However, we wanted a date next year and there's no "Thung Sheng" which is only until end of this year.

So to cut the hassle, we just went and paid for this and get things done.

You are willing to spare some time to do research and DIY on your own7. Allocate at least 50-60% of the chunk into the wedding savings2. Went back and took a number within 1 minute head back to the counter5.

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