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Thanks again Matt This is one of the most unbelievable "features" of the system.A program sits on the read for one hour and then takes the ELSE clause.

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I've attached my test logic and the resultant output, obviously for this test to work you need to have another process locking out the record in question. Why would anyone ever write a READU instruction on a multi-user system without a LOCKED clause?

In 30 years it has never occurred to me to do such a thing.

In fact I just avoid the plain READ because it does not have a LOCKED option.

Peter Mc Murray I appreciate the LOCKED cause would get round the problem.

I haven't tried but I am assured that your can acheive the same from TCL using SET. WAIT 0 The value assigned is the number of seconds to wait before abandoning the lock wait. Of course, this exposes an often asked question....

What do all the other SYSTEM() values correspond to? There is no reason to abandon the standard READ statement.

Thanks to the useful comments I can now at least set the READU to wait indefinitely which although would have delayed processing would have ensured the integrity of the system.

When we changed from Terminal Batch Processing to Phantom Batch processing we fully understood what we were doing and the associated risks that went with it. Obviously clever coding can get around your example, but in your example, non-computer locking is still taking place.

That said, the manual states : "If a READ statement does not include a LOCKED clause, and a conflicting lock exists, the program pauses until the lock is released." which clearly is not quite the case.

I was hoping someone might have a quick answer for me before I log a call with IBM support.

Then during our overnight processing we receive a price feed from a data provider which updates the prices for some 200,000 records.

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