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When you appear outside, save and exit, turn off your DS. Turn your DS back on, go to your options, get on your calender, and change the date to the year 2011. Get on animal cossing, click on your person, let it load. Go to town hall, access account, look at your money now. The second you see it, quickly press the A button to make a wish.

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It will disappear and you background will change for ordering items and the main page.

If there is an open hole in the ground in stead of getting out your shovel you can just go up to the hole and press B and your Person will kick dirt in the hole and it will close. Send the same fruit to another neighbor and they will send you another fruit.

(Note: you can do this with an item in your hand.)Sending in fossils takes forever and wastes your time, but you can get BIG BELLS if you have enough in the museum. Keep on planting the same fruit and you will have a town full with fruit. Sometimes if you send some fruit sometimes you will get the same fruit over again.

First, after you check your mail, search for fossils. Just click remove headgear when you are at your items pocket and you'll get your regular hairstyle back. Mail a neighbor a fruit that you have on every tree. Sell the fruit that is not native to your town,each fruit is 500 bells.

Then press A and your character will blow the dandelion puff. If you have a person that has Animal Crossings too that you play with often you might get Kaitlyn or Katie in your town. Reasons to do this: you can sell it for 500 bells each (five trees thats fifteen of that type of fruit), also when u go to your friends towns trade your fruit for theirs (if they have a lot of fruit like you it will be an equal trade).

Every once in a while, the hobo walrus will come to your town and ask you to feed it. If you give him fish from the ocean, he will give you a REALLY cool pattern, like there's one that is a fake star-thing that you dig up fossils and stuff from. Kaitlyn will be a big cat walking around in an apron. Theres a lot of bells in fruit thats not your native! Once it is in your pocket put it over your character in items, and it will either be: in your hair, in your mouth,or you will be holding it. If you find a coconut on the beach go over to a tree by the beach cut it down dig it up and bury the coconut. Repeat this and get a coconut orchard, then each time you get all the coconuts go and sell them for 0 each. "A" means top choice, "B" means bottom choice and these are as accurate descriptions as I could think of, so sorry if you don't understand BOY HAIRSTYLES Sideburns--AAA Choppy bangs--AAB Mini mohawk--ABA Bangs--ABB Curl in back--BAA Parted in middle--BAB Hair over eye--BBA Spikey--BBB --------------- GIRL HAIRSTYLES Points on side (one of the beginning styles)--AAA Waves at bottom--AAB Bun--ABA (short)Tuck in behind ears--ABB (long)--tuck in behind ears with bangs--BAA Ponytail--BAB Pigtails--BBA 3 Pigtails (also a starting style)--BBB. Carp 300 bells dab 300 bells olive flounder 800 bells yellow perch 240 bells bluegill 120 bells blackbass 300 bells seabass 150 bells killifish 300 bells barblesteed 200 bells crucian carp 120 bells horse mackeral 150 bells octopus 500 bells palechub 200 bells redsnapper 3, 000 bells bitterling 900 bells cheery salmon 1, 000 bells char 3, 800 bells When Harriet asks you questions answer with these answers to get a certain hairstyle. They'll usually put these gifts in their house, displacing whatever was there before. With every hit you do, the rock will release more gold. Next, choose reset clock and than you choose the time you want and go back into the game to Nooks shop and you can see different furniture and items. Mush Bed: 170 Acorns Mush Chair: 40 Acorns Mush Closet: 80 Acorns Mush Dresser: 60 Acorns Mush End Table: 10 Acorns Mush Lamp: 25 Acorns Mush Stand: 100 Acorns Mush Stool: 5 Acorns Mush Table: 120 Acorns Mush TV: 140 Acorns If an animal in your town has furniture in his or her house that you want, send them seashells, unwanted furniture, or fossils to them in the mail. Stand on the item and try to place your turnips on the ground. Here are the answers to a few of the questions she will ask: What do you think is your best asset- Long legs! When Harriet is asking you questions, first say "Everyday.", then "Sweaty! Change the date on your animal crossing game to the year 2000 step 5. So, if the pattern is REALLY cool, and you say to yourself, "I've got to have this" you can! When that day happens (when its been 2 days)it will be your house but be careful it doesn't always happen. Yay now you have more houses and room and you can keep doing this every time.

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