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Poverty Reduction Coalition's Iglika Ivanova on more seniors working past the age of 65. C.'s Trish Garner in conversation with the Kamloops and Nanaimo Food Banks on B.

The Soap Dispensary and Kitchen Staples' Linh Truong and the Recycling Council of B.

Natasha Aruliah, a social justice and diversity educator and consultant, and Anne Drennan, spokesperson for Metro Vancouver Transit Police, on what bystanders should do when they witness an attack. Download The Christmas rose is a holiday delight — for your garden [mp3 file: runs ] DEC.

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Parenting expert Kathy Lynn, Boys and Girls Clubs of South Coast B.

Master Gardener Brian Minter answers your questions.

Sandy James, executive director of Walk Metro Vancouver, on pedestrian safety in the dark, rainy weather.

Gardener Brian Minter talks indoor green holiday displays.

Elizabeth Benedict, editor of Me, My Hair and I, on people's relationships with hair.

James Coleman, an energy law professor at Southern Methodist University, on the NEB's order exempting the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion sections of Burnaby bylaws.

The Q Hall of Fame's Paul Therien and Out in Schools' Brandon Yan on the prime minister's apology.

With Giving Tuesday approaching, Angus Reid Institute's Shachi Kurl, Charitable Impact Foundation's John Bromley, and Blanket B.

Stacey Mc Lachlan, executive editor of Western Living magazine, and Ryan Lermitte, founder of Light Knights, on Christmas decorations.

Josh Gordon, assistant professor at Simon Fraser University's School of Public Policy, on non-resident housing ownership.

C.'s Seniors Advocate, and Gudrun Langolf, president of the Council of Senior Citizens' Organizations of B.

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