Adult dating sites accept debit cards

If you catch the charge right away and contact them you may be able to get the charge reversed but generally dating services have auto-renewals worked into the agreement you accept when initially subscribing.

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The thing is, stealing a credit card to sign up for an online dating service seems like a waste: wouldn’t the person who has stolen the card rather get as much out of it as possible? To me, I think the person who has taken your card is far more interested in stealing from others than stealing from you.

For example: They create their profile and begin a relationship with someone.

Then much later when I had finished dating online someone had stolen my credit card number and signed up for a dating service with it (you can actually read my account of this experience here).

It may be surprising but of the two cases, the fraudulent charge case is generally easier to resolve (although that doesn’t mean the process is enjoyable).

The person being scammed finally realizes what’s happening and they contact the dating service.

The dating service begins to investigate what has been going on but can’t trace it back to the actual scammer…because they’ve used your credit card.

So the thief’s goal is still to make a lot of money but when your card is stolen you are often just an intermediate step for them in the process.

First off, the best way to handle avoiding auto-renewal charges is to be aware of your dating service’s auto-renewal policies. If you’re not familiar with auto-renewals they basically work like this: whatever time you initially sign up for is what most dating services will renew you for when your time runs out. After 6-months are up the dating service will attempt to sign you up again for 6-months.

Step 3: Additional Steps You Can Take If you have had a fraudulent charge, it is a fine idea to report it.

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