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Many authors have advocated a narrow association between dental plaque levels and gingival disease.

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Diocletian Lewis (1823–1886), an illegal medical practitioner, coined the adage "A clean tooth never decays".

Over the years, nevertheless, this has been heatedly contested.

This simple objective has been difficult and at times not even possible to attain.

The fundamental importance of oral hygiene, moreover, has often been controversial.

For medium risk groups more recall and utilization of fluorides should be recommended and for high risk groups recall with dentists and hygienists and maximal utilization of fluorides and anti-microbial agents, could be recommended.

Among medium and high risk groups full consideration should be placed upon postponing or even canceling clinical treatment until further notice (unless there is a clear and urgent medical indication).

However, this has often been based upon incorrect assumptions.

The public is not always willing and does not always need to change its oral health behavior to the same extent as that expected by the dental profession.

The present commentary emphasizes the need to modify oral hygiene instruction according to specific risk and motivation levels.

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