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Still doubting him, they agreed to show up, if nothing else to call his bluff. Before they went into the bedroom he told them to peek inside.

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She sucked them a few seconds at a time and soon realized both would be ready to cum in her mouth if she didn't stop sucking them off.

She wanted them to last a little longer, and so did Rod, as he had a surprise he wanted to have just for himself.

Rod had his full ten inches in her mouth pumping in and out, slamming himself into her mouth making her gag. He knew she loved black cock, but no woman had ever taken his cock in their mouth with so little effort.

Rod wanted to fuck his white prize but he would have to wait a few minutes as a huge load of sperm was dripping out of Ahmo's mouth.

Ahmo was going to be involved in a huge model shoot in a couple of weeks and she was fed up with the way she was treated. As she was coming up with her revenge, her current black lover knocked on her door.

This was going to be the last time the two would be together for a couple of weeks and it would be a night she would never forget.

Rod told his cousins " Rock you lay on your back, I heard you been doing great in class and I think Ahmo has your reward ready for you." Ahmo knew what to do next, she climbed on top of Rock and started to sit on his rigid black cock.

The other cousin, Mike, was a little more reserved and Rod didn't think he could take much of Ahmo's wet hot pussy.

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