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Colombia's finest: prominent players Luis Carlos Sarmiento The other Colombian to feature in the Forbes billionaires list is 74-year-old Luis Carlos Sarmiento, in 167th place with an estimated net worth of .7bn.

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Alejandro is worth an estimated £2.8 billion thanks for his family's brewing interests in Colombia 'The engagement is announced between Alejandro, son of the late Julio Mario Santo Domingo and of Beatrice Santo Domingo, and Charlotte, youngest daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Wellington,' it said.

Charlotte's father Charles inherited the title when his father died in late 2014, just six months before the 200th anniversary of the 1815 Battle of Waterloo which saw Napoleon and the French defeated at the hands of the 1st Duke of Wellington.

"The reputation is still there, although it has improved a lot.

For example, our TV company finds it's not always easy to convince people to come to shoot movies in Colombia.

Santo Domingo is also a vice-chairman of SABMiller in Latin America and chairs the Colombian board of Bavaria, the holding company that was merged into SABMiller.

He sits on the board of the Valorem, the private equity company that controls the family's portfolio of other businesses, as well as several companies within that group.

Medina is one of the most eligible bachelors in Europe and a perennial on various international best-dressed lists.

The two were very much together this past weekend in Toledo, Spain, at the wedding of Luis’ brother, Rafael Medina, duke of Feria, to Laura Vecino, the creative director of Spanish retailer Mango.

"I think it opened the eyes of a lot more investors to its potential as a place to look for acquisitions or start up a business."Santo Domingo thinks large family-run businesses that have controlled most of Colombia's biggest companies for decades - largely because foreigners were too scared to go there - are now natural targets for first-time investors looking for joint ventures or acquisitions.

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