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The superstar actress is devastated that the woman for whom she dumped her longtime partner has rekindled a romance with an old flame.

“Ironically, now it’s Jodie who has been jilted,” a longtime friend told The ENQUIRER.

There’s no way that guy doesn’t know what’s going on in some way.” And despite a successful career that has seen him nab three Oscar nominations and one Golden Globe win (for his turn as Johnny Cash in ), Phoenix says that being in front of the camera still keeps him on edge.

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Cults rarely advertise themselves as such But I think the moment my parents realized there was something more to it, they got out.” Another topic that never fails to fire up chatter?

His much-ballyhooed 2009 “breakdown” that culminated in an infamously loopy and dazed appearance on the , says of his controversial guest spot.

came out, and the gay/bisexual/transgendered community picketed the film because of what they claimed was a negative faux-trangendered stereotype for the character of Buffalo Bill.

My mother said something like: “The gay community shouldn’t get so upset, because Jodie Foster is gay. Anyway, Jodie kind-of, sort-of finally publicly acknowledged her lesbianism back in 2007, in a speech thanking her “beautiful Cynthia”.

“She’s miserable.” As The ENQUIRER revealed in June 2008, the Silence of the Lambs star fell for a new girlfriend – and abruptly dropped Cydney Bernard, her devoted live-in love of 14 years.

The two-time Oscar winner had met her new romantic interest, writer-producer Cindy Mort, while filming The Brave One in 2006.

"I didn’t feel like, 'Oh, my PR team and his PR team are rivals. Who can get the best gossip about what the critics are really thinking? He's only ever congratulated me on my success." WATCH: 2017 Oscar Awards Nominees: 'La La Land' Leads With 14 Nominations The success Taylor-Johnson is referring to is his shocking Golden Globes win, beating out Best Supporting Actor favorite Mahershala Ali.

And though Taylor-Johnson is just as grateful as he was surprised to win, the months of promotion for , which then turned into months of awards shows, has left him "losing my mind.""Coming home from the Globes with an award was brilliant, but I've been promoting Nocturnal for six months," he says.

She’s also been romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan.

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