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It was so smooth and I can sense my dick going in the gap of her ass but both of our clothes are stopping it. As i was wearing only shorts it I pulled out my dick easily. But, after few minutes when she was moving and rolling her hip touched my dick! It was dark room and the rug color was also black not can easily observe what is happening. There is only half a feet left to pull above her ass.

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As usual 20% of the boobs are popping out of on top of her dress, she carefully and softly applied rose powder with soft brushes to make it appear glamorous and did proper hair dressing and every inch of her face is appearing happy and excitement.

I’ve also dressed well with my favorite T-Shirt and jeans and got ready to leave to Vinod’s home.

Early in the morning at 4 AM my mother got up and started kitchen work. She started enjoying it and gradually took off her hand from my hand. As my father don't wake up till 7 PM and from kitchen the hall is no way visible. I moved my hips forward and inserted my fully hardened dick between the thighs. I was shocked but thought she must have worried about that someone may come and moreover feeling guilty of getting fucked by her brother.

Though kitchen is little far from hall but I was disturbed and woke up. After sometime, I started pressing and rubbing both of her boobs. I desperately want to kiss her and want to play with her boobs with both the hands. I pushed my hand again between the thighs and gradually pulled up. Also, the hall door was closed and the hall is fully dark. It was little hard for my dick to reach her vagina as I am doing it from behind. I relaxed and smiling with joy for a greatest adventure.

As we don't have own sisters we used to love them a lot from child hood. She applies kajal so nicely that her looks makes you hungry. I always wondered why her husband lets her leave him.

We all residing in nearby town we keep visiting each other's houses frequently. I heard he was so possessive thinking that he is not a right match to her.I was sleeping in the way that morning and my dick is facing to my sister Smitha. Before going she took the rug and covered both of us and she felt the temperature was too cold. This time I sensed that it was slowly moving toward my dick. Then I moved my hand inside it and tried to touch her boobs. I was not much worried as there is almost a feet distance. She brought her ass till it touched my dick and then kept quiet. I slowly pulled down my blanket as the Rug is covering both of us. I waited for a minute, and then pulled it from her back. As we all grown up, my sisters developed sexy physiques with beautiful looks. Of all these, we are very close to the elder aunty, Parvathi's family. All of my cousins are got married by the time we got jobs in Hyderabad. True, whoever becomes her husband, he automatically becomes over protective because of her beauty.But Paru aunt's 2nd daughter, Smitha got divorce 5 years back due to some personal issues. As, Paru aunty came to know that we are shifting to Hyderabad their family felt sad as we are going far away from them.Harini has packed all her dresses in stroller suit case and also she packed some fruits and some other eatables in a separate bag and when I enquired about it she blushed and said “don’t ask it”.

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