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We also have plans for business activities, and it would be easier to separate the teams working on the open-source project and the ones working on commercial products and services.

The Red stack, with its ~1MB runtime (~300KB if compressed) can provide a much better alternative, and Red GUI capabilities can lower drastically the entrance barrier and costs for coding apps and Dapps.

In order to achieve that, we need to add a blockchain node connector in our runtime library, preferably wrapping a node in C library form, though using JSON-RPC is also an option. ;-) You can look at the Red Dapps as a modern blockchain-powered incarnation of that concept!

The Remix initiative is still young, but it is a lifesaver compared to other existing toolchains.

Still, you have to put up with a language that has many questionable design choices, for coding contracts which could handle billions of dollars worth of assets. So, there is a huge need for a better, much simpler and safer contract development tool.

For example, zero-knowledge proof and especially the non-interactive variant are really impressive and promising approaches.

As Red aims to be a fullstack programming solution, we naturally look at what are the potential next big platforms we should support.

We know that Red can deliver such solution, because that's our fight and our mission since the first release of Rebol 20 years ago.

Still, people who work with me know how skeptical I am.

Here are the plans to move the whole project to the next stage: We were thinking about that since last year, but now is the right time to do it for many reasons.

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