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He's accused of killing New Kensington Officer Brian Shaw during a traffic stop Friday night.

Police on Sunday arrested Tavon Jamere Harper, who they say fled the traffic stop after Holt bolted from the SUV. (BLACK) Man who brutally beat, kicked (White) victim in Lufkin convenience store robbery agrees to 20 years LUFKIN, TX - A Lufkin man agreed to a plea bargain deal of 20 years in prison for a brutal robbery at a convenience store on Aug.

Earlier, authorities arrested Tavon Jamere Harper, who they said was behind the wheel of an SUV on Friday night when he and Holt were stopped by (White) Pastor Fires Headshot, Takes Down (black) Home Invader To Protect His Children Cherokee County, GA – A Baptist pastor used a gun to protect his wife and three daughters from a home intruder Nov. heard glass breaking, and found 19-year-old Donavan Simmons trying to break into his house.

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The lawsuit says Ohio's prison system has allowed dreadlocks for other inmates and seeks to force the prison system to recognize Rastafarianism as a religion.

A message was left with the Ohio prisons system seeking comment.

The 35-year-old Koger is serving a 33-year sentence for aggravated murder and aggravated robbery.(White) Woman dies after being forced to open restaurant safe (by 3 worthless n*ggers), shot - died A 29-year-old woman died after being shot early Sunday morning in an Atlanta restaurant robbery, police said. at the Barcelona Wine Bar on Howell Mill Road, Atlanta police spokeswoman Officer Lisa Bender told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Three men rushed in as the restaurant was closing and tied up the employees with electrical tape, Bender said.

"I think he did the right thing, protect his family." The pastor’s wife and 12-year-old child escaped the house, but the couple’s two younger children were still in a bedroom when their father shot the home invader.

Simmons was taken to the hospital after officers found him in the Beck’s backyard, where police said he stumbled after being shot in the head."Come to the door and she was screaming, 'Invader in the house!' and her two kids were still in there asleep," Kennedy said.Police: 2 men sexually assaulted woman recovering from brain surgery LOUISVILLE, KY - Louisville Metro police have arrested a man on charges of sodomy and unlawful imprisonment after a woman recovering from surgery was assaulted. Thompson, 69, of Louisville, was taken into custody Nov. Metro police said the woman was held against her will and unable to get medical care for nearly an hour.Convicted killer: Civil rights violated when dreadlocks cut COLUMBUS, Ohio — A convicted killer in an Ohio prison claims in a federal lawsuit that his civil rights have been violated by the repeated cutting of his dreadlocks.(Black) Driver in (BLACK-ON-WHITE) Death of (White) Pennsylvania Police Officer Arrested Police say they arre the driver of an SUV that fled a traffic stop, leaving behind a passenger who fatally shot a rookie police officer in suburban Pittsburgh.

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