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Some people seem to struggle with it less than others. It can threaten the faith, hope, and love of any committed Christian.I have never intellectually doubted the faith, since the time of my conversion.

We’ll share what we do best…authentic, simple recipes–some traditional, and some reinvented. Pick up some travel tips, a quick Chinese lesson, or an explanation of what the heck Chinese vinegar is. Now go set the table and get some slippers, ‘cause yo socks are about to be knocked OFF.” J: *wildly gesticulating toward pan* “Hey! Writer, piano enthusiast, and daydreamer, figuring things out between continents, from job opportunities in Beijing to occasionally holding down the fort in the suburbs.

For all you Chinese American generation X’s and Y’s out there who love to eat it, but have no idea how to make it, welcome to the promised land. (It’s the nectar of the gods, is what it is.) Happy Wokking! Notoriously unable to follow a recipe (usually preferring to freestyle it), Kaitlin’s the family artist, knitter, chunky-sweater-obsessed crazy shopper, and keeper of an unreasonably detailed knowledge bank of Korean pop music.

Yet I quickly set to work suppressing much of that, trying to meet a rigid artificial standard that I derived from historic Christian culture.

I never fully bought into this delusion: God often reminded me of my true personality, and the reality of the divine presence throughout all creation.

Tantalizing, mouthwatering edibles are just a few clicks, ingredients, and skillets away (not to pat ourselves too much on the back or anything. The Woks of Life is a site for anyone looking to try their hand at Grade A authentic Chinese cooking (and any other great recipes, Asian or otherwise. Whether you’re a noob with an interest in going beyond Cream Cheese Wontons and Sesame Chicken, a college student with a drawer full of wrinkled take-out menus and only rudimentary knowledge of how to boil an egg, a suburban mom looking to make weeknight dinners a little more interesting, or just a fellow foodie, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been cooking and serving meals for a combined 139 years (Ugh. The fact that we all cook can, admittedly, lead to the odd kitchen squabble or heckle-fest here and there (*scroll down for embarrassing illustration of said phenomenon), but we make it through okay.

And it is a blessing, a mercy of God, for these plans to fail.

* Self-rejection can easily hijack religion and cause burnout.

From my experience, and others’, I have identified three forms of religiosity that lead to burnout: religion as a form of self-rejection; religion as a quest for one’s own perfection; and religion as devotion to an ideology rather than to God Himself.

The blessing of burnout lies in this simple fact: It is actually an act of mercy for God to destroy these forms of religion.

He allows them to burn out, in order to lead us back to the simple, infinitely more beautiful truth: that “God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them, and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation.” Life itself is exhausting in many ways; natural enthusiasm waxes, wanes, and often returns in time.

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