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They were jointed as a mans would be and it seemed to be holding food with its palms upward, completely like any animal that she had ever heard of.The arms were muscular (like a man who had worked out a little bit) and the creature seemed to have human-like fingers with claws on the ends.


It also mentioned that chickens had been stolen and than another family who lived near Bray Road had experienced their own close encounter with the beast.

Karen Bowey, who actually lived along Bowers Road, stated that her daughter Heather (age 11) had seen the creature back in 1989.

When she saw the creature moving, she ordered the child to lock her door and drove quickly away from the scene.

She had no idea what she had seen but wondered if perhaps it might be a bear, angry because she had struck it with her car.

Concerned, she stopped the car and got out to see what it was.

Finding nothing on the roadway behind her car, she began to look around.

After hearing Doris Gipsons account by way of rumor, Endrizzi contacted the Lakeland Animal Shelter and her mother contacted a local newspaper writer named Linda Godfrey, hoping that publicity might encourage other people who had encountered the creature to come forward.

The story that followed was published on December 29, 1991 and while it contained basic information about the Gipson and Endrizzi sightings (using pseudonyms for the two women), it also included some scanty information on other sightings.

She had no idea what it could have been until she saw a book at the library that had an illustration of a werewolf in it.

It so closely resembled what she had seen on Bray Road that her eyes popped out of her head.

A young woman named Doristine Gipson, from nearby Elkhorn, was driving along Bray Road near Delavan.

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