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It’s very common for guys with kids to write in their OKCupid profiles: “My kids come first,” or “My daughter is the center of my world! You want a potential mate to know that your life includes the giant presence of a kid or four. Plus, if you’ve gone through divorce or another crisis that landed you as a single parent, you are no doubt concerned about giving your kids extra care and sense of security. But it is even trickier if one or both of the parents put the kids before their partner.

You also want women to know you’re a devoted dad (it’s no secret chicks get hot for guys who are great with kids! It’s no surprise that so many blended families I know struggle with adjusting all parties to a home where everyone is suddenly expected to revolve around the new relationship. One dad I went out with nearly boasted when telling me about a four-month relationship that went sour because his girlfriend did not understand why he’d abruptly leave in the middle of dinner because his tween son would call, upset about some matter with his hockey coach.

Ultimately, failure to put their partner first was a sign these guys were not ready for a serious relationship, or at least not with those particular women, and that is totally normal.

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And while you’re at it, indulge in your instincts to have a fulfilling and profitable career — without any guilt whatsoever!

— even though our culture tells you that stay-at-home mothers are better mothers.

Sit with the heat and tension of your anger, and silence the internal chatter of blame on yourself or the other person.

Go for a walking meditation down the hall, or take a time-out in your office.

There is, however, a system for coping and helping you keep calm. This sounds simple, but some people don’t like to state the obvious for fear of the reaction. Your mind creates this emotion, usually as a method of self-defense.

This self-evaluation may help you identify the trigger in time to choose a different approach.

Women are certainly guilty of putting their kids ahead of their partner — maybe even more so than men, especially since they are nearly always the primary care giver in the event of divorce.

But in this moment when men are struggling to claim their place as equal parents while society expects divorced dads to be the lackadaisical weekend father, I get why you are compelled to go overboard with your expressed devotion. If you are indeed ready for a real love, create a space for her.

Even if at first you do not succeed, keep practicing patience with yourself.

Realize that letting yourself get all freaked out isn’t going to improve any situation; it will simply add to your unhappiness.

Anything that puts a little space between you and the situation will help.

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