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Today, we’ve got a big time post for you: The Ultimate Guide to Quitting Smoking.

We’re going to go into why you’re struggling with quitting, and how to put steps in place to help you stop for good.

So why are some people more successful at cutting out nicotine than others?

The latest studies looking at the brains and behavior of smokers may provide some explanations.

If you’re struggling with quitting, what’s the biggest hurdle holding you back?

-Staci Image sources: Khánh Hmoong, Serial Prankster, Why have you abandoned us?Some people may be hardwired to have an easier time giving up their cigarettes, suggests one new trial described in the journal .It turns out that some smokers start out with a particularly rich network of brain neurons in an area called the insula, which regulates cravings and urges and communicates cues: like seeing a cigarette or smelling tobacco smoke, then wanting to light up.Before I was 18 I tried asking my friends to not buy them for me and I still managed to get my hands on them, but at least had to ration them. I missed a ton of school my freshman year of college due to an ulcer in my throat (which held me back a semester because I couldn’t sing and I was a music major), got hospitalized for pneumonia multiple times, mourned an Aunt who passed from lung cancer, and yet I still kept smoking. Quitting smoking is, hands down, one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my entire life.After I turned 18 and could legally buy them, the struggle really began. No matter how sick it made me, how poor it made me (an online calculator estimates I spent about ,000 on cigarettes), how many loved ones I lost, I just. Like Bart Simpson: I personally quit back when I was still doing Cross Fit, and rewarded myself with a Cross Fit membership. Walking out of the gym and lighting up a cigarette (which I did more times than I’d like to admit) is definitely the opposite of the “post workout” recovery we are going for!

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