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It has been known for some time among IVF specialists that the immune system can play a vital role in determining the success of egg implantation, explains Dr Mohamed Menabawey, from the Bridge ­Centre, a fertility clinic in London.

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But now it seems a woman’s chances of conceiving in her 30s or 40s may not be decided by age alone - her blood type could also affect her fertility, a­ccording to research published ­yesterday in the Mail.

In particular, women with blood type O - the most common type - had a lower egg count and poorer egg quality in their 30s than those with blood type A, say researchers at the Albert Einstein ­College of Medicine in New York.

During ovulation, follicles ­containing maturing eggs push towards the surface of the ovary.

There, the ­follicle opens up to allow the egg to drift out.

Blood tests look at levels of a ­hormone called anti-­Mullerian ­hormone.

This is ­produced by ­immature eggs in the ovaries and is considered by some fertility ­clinics to be a better indicator of ovarian reserve. Your blood is ­automatically checked before you donate, so that experts can ensure your blood group is matched with patients who need it. But until further research is carried out to prove this really can determine your chances of getting pregnant, there are ­simple steps you can take.In particular, they are the sign of something called a low ovarian reserve.The ovarian reserve is a measure of how many eggs a woman is thought to have left at any one time.There are theories it might affect anything from dental health to ­cancer. Early studies suggested type A blood groups ­suffered worse hangovers and type O meant better teeth.But more serious studies have suggested type A increases the risk of breast, liver or pancreatic cancer — possibly because cancer cells are less visible to the immune system in patients with type A.This hormone is released by the pituitary gland, a pea-sized gland in the brain.

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