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If you are ready to improve your golf game with a consistent swing regardless of which club you pull from your bag, then you need to get The Set Up Stick!

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With The Set Up Stick, golf instructors and amateurs can easily determine the individual stance width for students by using simple colors, and create a balanced ball set up and body position every time.

It also trains the mind and eyes to always know what proper set up looks and feels like. The Set Up Stick is the only complete tool offering the golfer simple and immediate visual feedback to ensure proper body and ball position.

It was developed so amateurs and professionals alike could share in the value of perfect set up.

Professionals have always paid precise attention to the things they do before they swing, such as ball position, stance width, and perfect balance.

The Set-Upstick is so simple and easy to use every golfer should carry one in their bag to the practice range.

It was awarded ‘Best New Product’ at the 2012 USPGA Expo show in Orlando and has continued to be one of the most innovative game improvement aids on the market.

Finally, you take the guess work out of your swing!

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