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Could it be just coincidence, we asked ourselves, that we were all at the same church, all in different specialties, all finishing our training at the same time, all wanting to work overseas?

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While caring for my daughter (and eventually my son, who was born halfway through our time there), I worked mostly in the maternity department.

There are women there who touched my life deeply, whose lives I hopefully impacted for the better.

We wanted to find a place that truly needed us and our medical education, a place where we could not only treat patients but train and disciple national doctors, a place where there was African leadership and vision. There is a growing Christian university in the capital city, Bujumbura: Hope Africa University.

It was started just before the end of the war and quickly expanded to offer dozens of degrees and programs.

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It has no natural resources to speak of, no magnificent natural wonders, no herds of big game animals. Women wrapped in vivid hues of red and yellow walk gracefully up a hill, carrying water and firewood on their heads.

They greet me with a single word, "peace." Barefoot children run down dusty roads clad in even dustier clothing to offer a smile and handshake as I pass by. There is approximately one doctor for every 40,000 people.

I was excited to find in obstetrics a field that could potentially impact the lives of so many women across the world.

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