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Your son or daughter may feel he or she is ready to be on her or his own, but you try to hold on, which causes frustration and resentment.However, you do not have to argue with your adolescent when it comes to peer pressure.

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Organizations such as the Red Cross, use peer educators to teach teenagers about safe sex because they have found that teens are more likely to listen to positive messages when they come from those in their age group.

The National Association of Independent Schools suggests having older teens who do not use drugs or alcohol talk to middle schoolers to help influence them to make positive choices.

They are also engaging in sexual activity while being un- or under-informed and while lacking access to contraception and family planning services.

Having a child young often incites problematic life outcomes for teen mothers.

Some young adults will not learn without a consequence, which means you have the job of providing it before the law does.

Just remember to fit the crime with the punishment and always communicate the reason for the grounding or whatever discipline you decide.

When children start school, their parents begin to lose the influence they once had.

By the teenage years, peers are the most influential group as teenagers navigate finding an identity and figuring out the roles that they play.

In 2010, New Mexico had the highest teenage pregnancy rate (80 pregnancies per 1,000 women); the next highest rates were in Mississippi (76), Texas (73), Arkansas (73), Louisiana (69) and Oklahoma (69).

The lowest rates were in New Hampshire (28), Vermont (32), Minnesota (36), Massachusetts (37) and Maine (37).

Even if parents have taught their teenagers about the dangers of drinking and using drugs, peer pressure may influence them to take part in these activities.

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