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The Treasurer, Wayne Swan, will insist today that the global financial crisis makes tackling climate change a priority, while Treasury will warn that nations that delay will pay more in the long run to tackle the problem.

The federal Treasury has disputed claims that many of the nation's biggest polluting industries would be forced to move offshore because of price rises caused by the Government's proposed emissions trading scheme.

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THE Federal Government's planned emissions trading scheme may add 10 cents a litre to the cost of petrol, but this would do little to encourage motorists to cut back on emissions of greenhouse gases, according to oil companies.

The United States has called for a review of international law to regulate the killing of whales for scientific research in an apparent bid to plug a loophole exploited by Japan, which is accused of slaughtering the creatures.

On the eve of superstar polar bear Knut's second birthday, fans are worried that he will have to leave his home in the Berlin Zoo, despite pleas he stay, because he is getting too big for his enclosure as he reaches maturity.

In a body blow for Australia's solar industry, the nation's biggest solar-panel factory will close early next year, taking 200 skilled jobs with it, equal to one-eighth of the total Australian solar workforce.

With a half-life of only 5730 years, carbon-14 dating has nothing to do with dating the geological ages! Hovind is confusing the carbon-14 "clock" with other radiometric "clocks." The only thing in the geologic record which has anything to do with calibrating carbon-14 dating is the coal from the Carboniferous Period.

Being ancient, the C-14 content has long since decayed away and that makes it useful in "zeroing" laboratory instruments. Hovind would take the trouble to do a little reading from something other than creationist publications he would not make such an outrageous statement.

By 1830 Lyell's famous textbook, Principles of Geology, came out. Such was the age of the great creationist geologists!

The principle of faunal succession in the geologic record was established by direct observation as early as 1799 by William Smith.

The ministry says the plans are expected to lessen Norway's emissions of heat-trapping greenhouse gases by an estimated 340,000 tonnes per year, compared to overall national emissions of 53.9 million tonnes in 2015.

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