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By activating these receptors, OT and AVP have been shown to modulate a broad range of social behaviors in adult rodents, including social recognition, aggression, and maternal behavior (Veenema and Neumann ).In addition to regulating adult social behaviors, OT and AVP systems have been more recently implicated in the regulation of social behaviors during development.Possible implications of these sex differences for the sex-specific regulation of behavior, as well potential underlying mechanisms, are discussed.

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Here, we provide an extensive analysis of OTR and V1a R binding density throughout the brain in juvenile and adult male and female rats, with a focus on regions within the social decision-making network.

OTR and V1a R binding density were higher in juveniles than in adults in regions associated with reward and socio-spatial memory and higher in adults than in juveniles in key regions of the social decision-making network and in cortical regions.

We herein aim to provide a comprehensive comparison between juveniles and adults and between males and females of OTR and V1a R binding densities in the rat brain.

We have particularly focused on analyzing OTR and V1a R binding densities in brain regions that are part of the social decision-making network (O’Connell and Hoffman ), we hypothesize that age and sex differences in OTR and V1a R binding densities will occur in multiple nodes of the social decision-making network.

Previous studies have characterized the developmental trajectory of OTR and V1a R binding densities in the rat brain from the prenatal period up through the peri-weaning period (as late as postnatal day 30) and compared these binding patterns with those in adult rats (Tribollet et al. However, to the best of our knowledge, only two studies so far have compared OTR and/or V1a R binding densities between 35-day-old juveniles and adults, albeit only in males and in a limited number of brain regions (Tribollet et al.

) included only four animals in each group and did not provide quantitative statistical analysis of age differences between 35-day-old juveniles and adults.

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Furthermore, because sex differences in the regulation of social behavior by OT and AVP systems have been found in adults (Dantzer et al.

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