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Note: For code brevity, the following example handles only three of the fields in the Employee table.

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If i make any change and submit the form I get an error: Primary key not found for the Kategorie table.

If i submit the form without changing any field i have an error: The cfgridupdate tag cannot find the grid named Kategorie.

Did you use the schedule_linesx and order_item_inx to tell which fields you want to update?

Users can sort the grid entries in ascending order by double-clicking any column header.

Now, our needs are such that I have to have portions of the grid being the result of a query, while other columns are not.

So, to do this, I used CFGRIDROW to allow more manipulation of the grid.The INSERT assumes that the DBMS automatically increments the Emp_ID primary key.If you use the Dbase version of the Company Info database that is provided for UNIX installations, the record is inserted without an Emp_ID number.Otherwise, an error happens and the results are never shown.when imake a change and submit the form: Primary key not found for the Kategorie table.However, now the page with CFUPDATEGRID on it errors out with the following:________________________________________________________Error Diagnostic Information Primary key not found for table eac_manload.

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