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son consequat- vd ^ ^ e( acc usa P ^'SSSSSSis S'SS* S^SSS*; S^35S3g ii°Lles Sie son copsequj ■ ;v — • oiiv sed diarrv Trti* Ve TO ^Sitlabo PS P® o' Si S5SS? off th )f s s de dek e J yea er :am he pla was he ss ] ’ sp nd -pr end ide ed ynr c , he ice e c ucc iminat a have ohn ha rs. Project Ad- venture, which is a part of Fresh- man Physical Education, began this school year. MA 02556 “Your Family Style Center” STONE’S BARBER SHOP 628 Main Street 540-8523 Precision Cutting Personalized Styling UPPER CAPE OPHTHALMOLOGY, INC. fe ^ M veto eos etaccusam e ] ^ £ am blandit ptas^^ 311 # — T 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i l 1 1 1 1 1 1 i 1 ! nan to e pres class 0 yed an the c r term iaper v eeches the lig ssident Sandy of Joh three imic le d grot ass the more rs and ass of ess. e tl he s le ho der n it in hai an ror , 01 ;hte an W£ n. An objective sheet for the course cites such goals as developing self-confi- dence and self-esteem, becoming aware of social responsibility, improving problem solving tech- niques, and having fun. When I tried to unlock them, the other car got lifted up, until 1 was finally free. Occasionally, before school, I will take a drive down to a beach. Paul D Rossi “PD” lacrosse 4 capt football ya you’re alright! Rozum ( Stork ) Pheens Sweens Coaches all my friends thanx. Good Luck Melisa “ Missy” Steele It’s finally over! Mike thanx 4 the inspiration Good Luck KP VW AS TS HW CR HN KA CH CG JT MH MT LW GS IT Thanx! 57 Jennifer J Thomas Deb there really is a pond - call TOE truck! Tron master Jason Peros jv sk 5mile run THANK YOU MOM. bbc 483 pno cagney & lacey df - ci plunk thinee yes out lm the cure w/ Hylissa & Mike perpetual trip sking w/ cj Chipsi /wfw Pat- brand new moon Liza you’re coming with me We disengage we turn the page Fred Weeks Jr. Summer of 84 85 86 87 Good times w/ MM SJ BR SB LS Heights Hacky Sac April 87 Florida w/ Michelle ME& Rat in the FIAT & Surf D w/ MM Everything w/ sj & 5bat CCM 00 in 20 min Please! Edina E Zine The best of times: TD/ cruise Bahama mama, MS! Falmouth Providence College Andrade Christopher 23 Terrence Ave E Falmouth Employment Belfiore Steven P. N Falmouth Babson College Bowman Jennifer A 133 Braeside Rd Falmouth U Maine Clement Rebecca Ann 269 Teaticket Path E Falmouth New Hamshire College Bowman Scott L P. Box 201 W Falmouth Employment Cloninger Paula Rae 47 Riddle Hill Rd. Falmouth Curry College Colbert Jason 350 Carriage Shop Rd E Falmouth UMASS Briggs Michael T 345 Palmer Ave.

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Each person is to hit the ball when it reaches him/her and then run to the end of the line. Boxer Re- bellion % day Of Xmas RR DP SC SGF 5 Overtimes DC 19 I heard the food was good here Thanx MOM DAD Martin Moe Parker Here’s to the year of 88 the end of high school Oh how Great!

In this way, the ball should reach the end of the goal. Charron resist the temptation to “blurt out the solution”, because they want the students to come up with a solution an their own. Cardoza Far Left; Darcy Shearer paints a banner for the Freshman class float while, Middle; many of her fellow workers take a break to pose for the photographer. Bleed photos should extend to outside edge of blue border. Ninth grade was a change from most things, but it didn’t kill you. Hal- loween Stally’s Coyle’s Robe’s New years B4 school Yakety yak! Thanks mom, Dad Sue Chris O’Rourke hello, i need to tell so many people - you can’t catch me because you pushed me but I do appreciate your trying, if i am crazy the joke is on you. Sled dog colo-ski trip NYE hurts TG wknd Canard I am in Debt!

We must learn to see this, and try to change things before it is too late.” Barry Good Top; Josh Stevens defies Newton’s Law while on four wheels. “I had the time of my life” Be Strong, concentrate. Kahler brunette night out bcsc ro- mans- kd sh sc to kf *hello me horsshoe - bn km* v-day sc be te * history * stay - in club! I Stephen M Kapulka i Lax jveap Hockey V 2 FAQLB i bomb squad thanx 4 the good I times-gp jk sc oc pb kl b sk Tenney tree-Boston it was more than a feeling- Montre- al 88-stay close Gina ma - special thanks to mom uncle Mike & uncle Mark Good Luck. Mashpee Boston University Dubuque Kenneth E PO Box 205 W Falmouth Military Fogarty Karey 107 Mayflower St Mashpee Blaine Hairdressing Goff Beth E PO Box Waquoit UMASS De Matos Stephen 24 Kimberly Lane E Falmouth CCCC Duffy Deborah Ann 87 Alcott Rd E Falmouth Boston College Forns Kristen 25 Greengate Rd Falmouth Babson Goldsmith Tracy L 21 Garrison Rd Falmouth William and Mary De Ponte Melinda Box 94 E Falmouth CCCC Dutra Joseph Daniel PO Box 226 Teaticket Employment Fountain Todd H 5 Rockledge Dr N Falmouth Military Gonsalves Ann M 112 Sandwich Rd E Falmouth Employment Deer Eric N 71 Braeside Rd.

Middle Left; Josh Stevens - seen this time from the Goodyear Blimp. Bill Kinneally Its has been fun thanks to am rc cd mr and everyone also Mom&Dad. Falmouth Norwich University Echols William H IV 17 Stub Toe Lane E Falmouth CCCC Fox Jennifer PO Box 132 N Falmouth Military Gonsalves Carl R PO Box 131 Teaticket CCCC De Mello Clement Jr.

Most stu- dents agreed that they’d get lost around the school very easily and a few expected to be given wrong directions from the upperclassmen. Larry B Marks PHD rember parties partying w/ EC GH TC SR KF JR JF ... afs mess spyroutes bum- ble francais- ca va sahrah? What’s up Ann back 2 back AN SV TD DC SP were all Tiny Giants PR PS JS SB the Meek shall in- herit the earth stay true 2 your-self Ann down with all pablum liberals!! Heather Anne Miranda Majoretts 84-88 capt- 88Chorus 84-88 pres 87 Kris- ten thanks for being my friend Crusing in the Fiero my first party Hey Rita! Orange bomb always Friends bm kc cr vn sr lr sh love ya MOM DAD Nina Aaron Ray Ray Guss lives good luck Majoretts! David Moniz B-Ball Capt Soccer Buc Dasher Rarara Saturday at the fights W/RR Iron Stom- ach? thanks to my parents for helping me through the toughest years of my life! Mike prom 87 Im- promptu at its best Gardens Nique, where’s the ideal wman? Rush hour CW I luv u thanx 4 being w/ me clumsy & giggle! Lyn M Roberts Good times w/ SR MT KG LS LZ good luk to u all SR Wed nite hem SR LS All nighters awesome times w/ u guys MT 3rd blk CSC I luv U Ronnie 0 4 eva good times in the Mustang Harbor DB’s Champaign thanx Mrs Cul- linane I love u Mom Dad I made it!! Good luck: JJ KA BC BG JH PA RS CD SD FT DB MW MP DF ES I made it Mom!

After the year started, people began to think a little bit differ- mm f At the end of the day, if you go out to the parking lot, you’ll find it full of cars belonging to stu- dents. Summer 86 s-camp BC fair of 87 w/ LP friends Senior year w/ Jeff G , SM TC SR v-ball UK here comes LM JG paseal? Grad 88 chem w/ KM DR MS Long road to — (UK) bye FHS RL EC NS LP SR TC CR AW MP *M D*! Shari Marie Marscheider Don’t believe it’s finally over! phone help - eh ’sip w/ beth summer woods hole thanks good luck and love to friends Deborah “Deb” Mc Clellan Diiga Mc Muff Angus best of times “G”K“L” Ja 143 Wild Nites W/slowe ped crash w/MS rd. Nixon 88 thanx 4 everything AM SV mom&dad Morton Downey \t vy Jon E Micheal 87 Football SMC Champs Baseball Thanks Mom&Dad 4 more yrs Cranshaw “Pride - Humility - Heart” Golf W/Geek - SJ* miss you Borus GP RL CF LH Lisa Paul Joe SMC! I know there’s a party somewhere tonite MR pool It began @ SH Mc Horseshoe SC JK SP MV 87 Boxer Par- ty® DD House @ woodneck 34 Fellas SH SP RR JS TO thank you MOM DAD Paul Frye Kimberly Seefeld Premature escapee. Im glad everything worked out the way it did, I love you both ! Good luck to next years football team Go get em Franky T The crew at SMU Nicole Roberts The years have come and gone freshman gym field hockey dances martha’s vineyard shopping, and of course just plain fun.

One time I was coming back from Fenway, doing about 80 down the highway, and my car started shaking and the en- gine began to overheat, I thought the car was going to Blow Up! Must get away but await a quick visit back, all my love to Christen in cal. TV thks 4 the gd times sum 87 Bstn CT w DBS Sof yr w TF advts w SJ CR 86 Dep w Mek Class of 88 I’ll never 4get U Gd Luk Douglas S Melghem Jr. Whitesnake ITL -GB HJ bears Montreal movies @ EH’s I don’t know, what do you want to do? 4 yrs band lh hw am lp varsity b-ball & tennis with lb ah sf the best is yet to come boston 3-17 EBP I love you MDP thanx M&D p & gp later days FHS Kristy Jean Pont Dufs 2/85 B-park DC’s So Co nite Deb your watch! suger -I- snow w/ LS Lisa Lisa Vineyard Kris I found U at RM’s KF JT DD MS LS SS BC PC AM2 DC TC AC KL Francie 143 al- ways thanx MOM & Arthur ILU Tracey Ellen Pratt good luck minerva potter peg peirson dont forget the wind ebp/ go the f hockey #1 / you’ll be the best dudelie/ thanx coach dd/ hockey pals dd dh ts cl thanx mom&dad sp gp I love u all i love you david tell t d bear i will be back in 1992 Andrea Pratson Purple Punch is my Surfer Boy Pop Art Rocks Natty Dred Lock hair I’ve got many rivers to cross but I’ll find my way LP MD AB Bob Rabesa Jr. shop rt 130 [email protected] 2am LZ cowboys class bakerboy fender bender JC stop the car! I’ll never forget you Stacie I love you (see you when you’re twenty four) the gang, rogers stadium jne 6, oct. thanks as sn gp ck me rp gs dl eg kr jf hw pm pb I luv u sn Craig A Rommelmeyer To the time the place and moment of FHS it was the best/ to the best of the best Todd H/ Best wishes mike f, disco dan, flippy, ted m ,ron z am ma ps crew and to the class of 88 / forever shs, wwf, sqeeze / last but not least my love Danielle A Michael Joseph Rogers Kingston Falmouth not too bad (I told you so) party ani- mals cr “ Harry ” ku bi kr drx2 bf & td ac dm kd (wipp) mr kw to jd to’s “tp” rl (sparky) day’s in a row Aer- osmith 5ft. Later Stephanie Ann Schwalbe Pep Squad Becky - behind a buildin! Loich Garganta were the down fall of Rome Wrinkle at the Knob the GANG track3 seas4 :in arow lize al all surf dr8890 Cases me katie thanx ma Matthew K Sonnabend 55 Jennifer Lee Souden summer 85 w/ron & lisa green bomber rd our love is in friendship 1/me benn thru it all k & 1 r u going out yet? Montreal where it all be- gan i love you sean “we’ll stand together and our love will always carry on ” - Strper Michelle Springer Hold on to your memories close to your heart! Joyce Tavano Old Times gone New to come summer of 87 the best !

” Lynn Aro - “I love my car be- cause it takes me wherever I want to go... thank you good luck Lisa G Lowe “slowe” Soccer champs thanx GG ski KBJ Norwich JG JS & br! 41 Heather Mackey Anjanette Martin AJ Keep an open mind class of 89 EB there’s always more to learn special thanx to Mom & Dad I luv U always success is failure turned inside out & i’ll make it w/ no doubt best times MP MA LS DD LA DR I luv U KM Keep in touch MM MW in my house 121887 Mrs 0 ! All my best friends Matt Mike Frank Steve Alan Joe Tony Tom Ray Scott Jet Lisa Heather Joyce Jeff Erbs Sue Goody Brat My best friend Wuji bravest women Jessica best summer with you Kim 87 Mike’s party “Scoooche” best buddy “Bud” Luv you Mom Matthew G Mc Kenzie ‘It’s the end of the world as we know it, I feel fine’ Uh, Jeg Taler ikke dansk. I guess this is goodbye, CA JA JE Zulu Boo AMC I’ll miss you all espe- cailly AB Wealth is in the heart and mind not in wallet. some memories make me happy and some make me sad but the ones i had w/ boys night out only make me glad, thanx mom I love you best of luck to Tal Tim Dave Scott Moe Jim also jm Is mr er cb fw -I- dg I Love u Dani! melonballs crash 86 goodx’ SW/ MT LZ NJ DL’s JC MB LR KG brown Bom- berh way s/ Ball 87 Mom & Dad I Love u Crystal H. ym party broken cup pool dekab “ scaaouch” thanks Mom & Dad I luv you Later! Best friends forever Sonya N H with SR JS beany head he’s looking at me Isn’t that spe- cial! SS=j’s cp strobe lights sun- sets b-guys rule oh no watch that., too late ! Erin-Leigh Sullivan Shelia Bronwen Milo ME MA JF HM SM BA JP MM TM Qoe Gotn/ amplexor- size/ dead crabs on the side walk Pink Fuzzy thing Roset Jasmine/ Harry the Dog/ cloves/ monk music / wring magic brownie Marie claude thanks for everything Mrs. Golden Sails 13th Thanx for everth- ing PR I wont 4 get you!

The group will begin to work better as a cohesive unit , and together they will work to face the chal- lenges which will confront them later. -Becky Minervino It can be very funny to look back on what has already hap- pened. Diet LL Peal w/ Jim oct 17 I will never forget u Shay Montre- al ! ML6 Rhasta & dread EF SP Rd Race- DC * love U KM - bye 4 now * MV rides xo DC AM RM B-buds MM LA MA DD LS MS *Quahog U* No Anj! make lots of money cool man Jenn "Moonspinner” Peal maddog - speedster rolls on in glory got your keys? Branco Mike M you weirdo I’ll see you in the future as I go save the world Thanks to ECHO #130 136 and to the Bar- row’s family and U2 KA SG Shay A Perry Those crazy nights I do re- member In my youth I do re- call those were the best times most of ALL.

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