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The larger population of men won’t be interested in this conversation, or likely to grasp it if they were.

I did some searching for fiction works on this theme and was unsurprisingly disappointed.

Chat bots for men-54

And of course, there is no telling where he will land after he takes the leap. He may try it and find it completely inadequate, and then feel ridiculous or he may find it good enough to register as an option in his mind.

When that happens; when some men see sexbots as a possible, passable short-term alternative to their women, the world for those men will be forever different.

When that is achieved, the good enough threshold will be forever surpassed for a considerable number of men, especially since I am betting that a therapist that can deliver a blow job will have some appeal.

It’s not that men will have a sudden shift in consciousness.

In this series of articles I wanted to look at a bigger picture than just the obvious sexual benefit to men that will come with sexbots that can physically pass muster.

I realized quickly that the audience for that kind of discussion is small, limited mainly to the fine gents in the red pill community.

Walking out on an overgrown 4-year-old who is screeching at you that you don’t do enough to make her happy. Making that experience available to blue pill men as a wake-up call is worth the many billions of dollars in R & D it will take to get us there.

Now, I have noticed in the comments one or two guys who seemed a little rattled by this exploration of possibilities. Everyone should loosen up a little and indulge in their anticipation of future possibilities.

They constantly live in want for a solution, but of course the solutions are completely controlled by women. Once there it will start with men who, out of frustration, turn to the purchase or rental of a sexbot instead of another woman.

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