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One big issue here with Program Files being best practice is that creating directories in C drive doesn't require admin privileges and Program Files does. Some of Microsoft's software certification programs (such as the Windows Logo) require that applications set their default installation location to the Program Files directory.When trying to write software that doesn't need admin, C could be preferable (though using App Data would be the true solution in that case, for most situations). /.../ Program Files was introduced in an attempt to bring order to chaos. Naturally, compliance with those software certification programs' terms would only apply if you intended to apply for (or already have applied, and received certification under) those particular software certification programs.

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Please kindly drop some information you have about the price of other Tecno phones in your location by using the comment box provided below. A young gentleman who's got great passion for Technology as a whole, Computer, Gadgets, Internet and Blogging.

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One is to safeguard the program from being used as a trampoline for malware (for more details see, for example or google for more "Foundstone DIRE").

Another advantage would be to install w/o requiring elevated privileges.

Listed below are the prices of the available Tecno Phones and their prices in Ghanaian Cedis (GH¢).

The list here is not fully complete, this is the number of Tecno Phones we have detailed information about. I'm now fully back to be updating our dear readers just like before, but to start with - I will be answering some of our readers question with this post, the question is about the Well, Due to the low price and affordable quality phones - Tecno Android Phone is also trending in Ghana right now not only in Nigeria. I'm so sorry for not updating this Blog for that long, I was facing the toughest time of my life during those weeks - Heartbroken, Sad, Depressed, Stressed, Overworked, Unhappy but thank God everything is getting fine now.I think the reason has to do with keeping the length of the PATH variable as short as possible.You can use the %PROGRAMFILES% variable in your path should you need to extend it, rather than adding the full path of where ever you installed your application to. Specifically, this approach works fine for INSTALLING, but not good for uninstalling.

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