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The photo below shows the tire of a typical import wheel. It is a flat piece of steel in which the rubber is bonded.If there is an adhesion failure the process of repair is not easy.I wish there was a simple solution to this but it’s really more complicated than just putting on new rubber.

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It’s a complicated process and better suited for large scale production applications rather than putting rubber back on a couple wheels. To do it right the wheel would need to be stripped of paint, chemically washed and new rubber installed through the same adhesion process. All things considered it’s probably easier to buy new wheels and the original manufacturer probably had that in mind.

We manufacture wheels and we may be able to offer you an aftermarket alternative to ordering new wheels from Europe.

Figured I better make the most of it while I had the chance.

As if building great carriages wasn't enough we provide wit and humor free of charge.

I do not believe there are over the counter adhesives and processes available to make a good quality lasting repair.

During manufacturing the rubber is fused to the raw steel.

Most carriages that are imported to the states have steel wheels with rubber tires that are either bonded or vulcanized to a flat rim.

This process is probably efficient for manufacturing but not so much for repairs.

Our wheels are made with a channel rim which is more traditionally seen on American carriages.

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