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This collection is not meant to replace study of the most recent work in the field of Norse mythology and religion, but to provide a resource for students and those without access to academic libraries. York Powell Volume 1: Eddic Poetry | Read online | Download e Book Volume 2: Court Poetry | Read online | Download e Book Dialogue of Solomon and Saturn translated by John M.If you hold the copyright to one of these books and would like to remove it from this list, please contact The Norse Mythology Blog via this link. Seigfried Read online Ágrip af Nóregskonungasögum: A Twelfth-Century Synoptic History of the Kings of Norway translated by M. Driscoll Download e Book Ancient History of the Norwegian Kings by Theodoricus Monachus Download e Book Anglo-Saxon and Norse Poems translated by Nora Kershaw Read online | Download e Book The Battle of Maldon translated by Karl E. Kemble Read online | Download e Book The Early South-English Legendary edited by Carl Horstmann Read online | Download e Book Ecclesiastical History of England by the Venerable Bede Read online | Download e Book Edda by Snorri Sturluson, translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur Read online | Download e Book Eddica Minora edited by Andreas Heusler and Wilhelm Ranisch Read online | Download e Book Grottasöngr translated by Clive Tolley Download e Book Gudrun translated by George P.Krause and Jonathan Slocum Read online Online Etymology Dictionary by Douglas Harper Read online The Student's Dictionary of Anglo-Saxon by Henry Sweet Read online | Download e Book Beowulf translated by R. Gordon Read online | Download e Book A Collection of Richard Wagner Prose Works by Richard Wagner Read online | Download e Book Edda by Snorri Sturluson, translated by Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur Read online | Download e Book Gods of the Ancient Northmen by Georges Dumézil Read online Grimms' Complete Fairy Tales by Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm Read online | Download e Book Der Held des Nordens by Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué Includes Sigurd, der Schlangentödter, Sigurds Rache & Aslauga Read online | Download e Book Die Lieder der Edda von den Nibelungen translated by Ludwig Ettmüller Read online | Download e Book Das Lied vom Hürnen Seyfried Download e Book Die Nibelungen by Friedrich Hebbel Includes Der gehörnte Siegfried, Siegfrieds Tod & Kriemhilds Rache Read online | Download e Book The Nibelungenlied translated by Daniel Bussier Shumway Read online | Download e Book The Perfect Wagnerite: A Commentary on the Niblung's Ring by Bernard Shaw Read online | Download e Book The Poetic Edda translated by Henry Adams Bellows Read online | Download e Book Saga of Thidrek of Bern translated into German by Fine Erichsen Read online Saga of the Volsungs translated by Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris Read online | Download e Book The Ring of the Nibelung by Richard Wagner, with illustrations by Arthur Rackham Volume 1: The Rhinegold and The Valkyrie | Read online | Download e Book Volume 2: Siegfried and The Twilight of the Gods | Read online | Download e Book Wagner and the Volsungs: Icelandic Sources of Der Ring des Nibelungen by Árni Björnsson Download e Book Beowulf translated by R.

Download e Book Old Norse Religion in Long-Term Perspectives (excerpt) edited by Anders Andrén et al.

Read online Once More on the Mistletoe by Merrill Kaplan Read online The Pagan Archive: Cultural Memory and Heritage in Medieval Iceland by Carl Olsen Download e Book Reader and Educator Guide for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Download e Book Retrospective Methods Network Newsletter (December 2010) edited by Helen F. Includes "The Vanir: An Obituary" by Rudolf Simek Download e Book Riding to the Afterlife: The Role of Horses in Early Medieval North-Western Europe by Thomas Rowsell Download e Book Skaldic Versifying and Social Discrimination in Medieval Iceland by Guðrún Nordal Download e Book Some Controversial Aspects of the Myth of Baldr by Anatoly Liberman Download e Book Stranded in Miðgarðr: Draugar Folklore in Old Norse Sources by Fernando Guerrero Download e Book The Swedish-American Historical Quarterly (January 2012) Includes "The Kensington Runestone: Fact and Fiction" by Henrik Williams Download e Book The Swine in Old Nordic Religion and Worldview by Lenka Kovárová Download e Book Thor’s hammer in Norway: A Symbol of Reaction Against the Christian Cross?

The Norse mythology books listed below are free to read online or download as e Books.

Some editions are out of print or were published before 1923 (and therefore in the public domain).

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