Chris and poi dating

If you travel more than once a year, you’re better off buying travel-sized bottles of your necessities and keeping them ready for when you go out of town.

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Five-star restaurants are great for entertaining clients, but your employer will appreciate it if you don’t blow a bundle of their cash whenever meal time rolls around.

Traveling for work almost always involves meeting important people, which means you’ll have to engage in small talk.

It’s important to make good connections when you meet people for work.

Handing off a business card when you part ways is an expected courtesy.

You can even pack a suit in a carry-on if you fold it carefully.

The fewer items you have to lug around while traveling, the better.

If your clothes are wrinkled and you have some time, use the iron and ironing board in your room to get them back in good shape.

If you’re dining alone, look for somewhere you can get reasonably priced fare.

Sure, a giant suitcase lets you pack more, but dragging heavy luggage through a strange city is a nightmare.

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