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She is able to appreciate other culture, overcome stereotypes and think outside the box.The way she thinks and processes her views now is no longer the same as when she hasn’t left the US. Just like those missionaries who’ve done community work in the mountains, they experience crisis of falling in loved with the simplicity of life of the indigenous people that they would rather stay in the wild than go back to the civilization.

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My best friend and her Muslim boyfriend did truly love each other, however, the man was promised to a Muslim girl since they were kids and breaking up the arrangement would cost him his family and clan. It broke my best friend’s heart and she ran back to me for support.

We eventually reunite after a long time of estrangement.

My point is, you and your best friend don’t have to go though this similar pattern.

You may have reservations towards her relationship but always keep your understanding open.

Most young men and women in the 21st Century have adapted a new method they use in search of their life time partner.

This method as known by most youths as "boyfriend/girlfriend relationship" leaves a lot in a state or condition of heartbreak relating to other mental disabilities.She seemed to have talked with him about all of the issues I brought up which made me feel a little better. I totally understand what you feel, anxiousness and worry for your best friend whose happiness and safety are what you care the most.They are planning to move back to the US when her service is over and are aware of the complications that the process will entail. I once dealt this same predicament when my best friend dated a Muslim (we’re both Christian) albeit being same race.Honestly, I do not care that he is African (she has dated Af-Am men in the past and I was fine with them).He proposed and they are getting married in September, so that I can be there for the wedding when I come to visit her.Discuss to her your concerns (which I believe you’ve started doing) in a logical and reasonable way, avoid being emotional.

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