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The show premiered on ABC on Thursday, June 22, 2017 at PM EST.

Later, it was the producers' decision and (later) the judges'.

The show's air of spontaneity was abetted by various comic appearances by supporting staff members.

On each act, if one, two or all three celebrity judges think if the current act is not worthy of continuing any longer, all they had to do was hit the Gong behind them, thus eliminating that act from competition.

For each act that did not get gonged, the judges each gave a score to those acts on a scale of 0-10 (10 being the best, zero being the worst) for a maximum total of 30 (which happened on many occasions).

Chuck Barris (1976-1978, daytime; 1977-1980 syndicated)John Barbour (1976, syndicated)Gary Owens (1976-1977, syndicated)Don Bleu (1988-1989)Tom Arnold (2001, pilot)George Gray (1998-2000)Dave Attell (2008)Tommy Maitland (played by Mike Myers) (2017-present) Chuck Barris/Chris Bearde Productions (1976-1978)Chuck Barris Productions (1978-1980) Barris Productions (Industries)/Chris Bearde Productions (1988-1989)Scott Sternberg Productions (1998-2000)Happy Madison Productions (2008)Den of Thieves (2017)Sony Pictures Television (2008-present) The Gong Show is the talent game show with mostly the worst acts imaginable, and a panel of three celebrity judges lets them know by giving them the "gong".

This was also known as Extreme Gong and later as The Gong Show with Dave Attell.

Morgan often inserted risqué material into the programs, such as during a performance by Chuck D'Imperio, "The Shower Singer".

D'Imperio sang "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown" while naked in a shower, inspiring judges Morgan, Jamie Farr and Arte Johnson to do a rousing dance around the shower stall at center stage. poked her head inside the shower, and later commented, "I didn't care too much for his singing, but I'll give him a big 10 for what I saw in the shower!

" Extreme Gong was also infamous for two impromptu incidents, including one with a talking dog named Cody who tried to say things like "I love you" and "ice cream" but did not succeed in saying these, and another featuring "The Village Little People" that performed a cover of "YMCA".

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