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Physicists also discuss the time-reversal invariance of local and/or macroscopic descriptions of physical systems, independent of the invariance of the underlying microscopic physical laws.For example, Maxwell's equations with material absorption or Newtonian mechanics with friction are not time-reversal invariant at the macroscopic level where they are normally applied, even if they are invariant at the microscopic level; when one includes the atomic motions, the "lost" energy is translated into heat.They are two different kinds of horizons—the horizon of a white hole is like the horizon of a black hole turned inside-out.

Hence time is said to be non-symmetric, or asymmetric, except for equilibrium states when the second law of thermodynamics predicts the time symmetry to hold.

However, quantum noninvasive measurements are predicted to violate time symmetry even in equilibrium, A toy called the teeter-totter illustrates, in cross-section, the two aspects of time reversal invariance.

Since within a black hole the forward light-cone is directed towards the center and the backward light-cone is directed outward, it is not even possible to define time-reversal in the usual manner.

The only way anything can escape from a black hole is as Hawking radiation.

The time reversal of a black hole would be a hypothetical object known as a white hole. While a black hole has a beginning and is inescapable, a white hole has an ending and cannot be entered.

The forward light-cones of a white hole are directed outward; and its backward light-cones are directed towards the center.

These seemingly metaphysical questions are today, in these ways, slowly being converted into hypotheses of the physical sciences.

The current consensus hinges upon the Boltzmann-Shannon identification of the logarithm of phase space volume with the negative of Shannon information, and hence to entropy.

The name comes from a thought experiment described by James Clerk Maxwell in which a microscopic demon guards a gate between two halves of a room.

It only lets slow molecules into one half, only fast ones into the other.

When set into motion atop a pedestal (rocking side to side, as in the image), the figure oscillates for a very long time.

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