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When your transfer is done, find it on your old computer, make sure i Tunes knows where it is (drag it onto i Tunes) and transfer it this same way.Now you’re done transferring your songs, movies, podcasts, etc. But, none of your playlists, song ratings, or play counts have transferred.Now that you have your i Tunes library nice and neat, you need to get your new computer recognizing the i Tunes library on your old computer. Now you should be able to navigate through the music on your old computer from your new computer.

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Digital music files may have one of the following file extensions: ". Or you can allow i Tunes to copy your files and then manually delete them from the original location.

Or you can keep two copies of each digital music file.

Click "Open." i Tunes will transfer your music into your i Tunes library and you will be able to see all of your music when you open i Tunes.

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If you need to get these audio files into the Windows Media Player library, you need to consolidate the i Tunes media in a single folder and then configure Windows Media Player to scan this folder and import all the tracks into its library. Click "File," select "Library" and click "Organize Library." Select the "Consolidate files" check box and click "OK" to copy all media files in the i Tunes Library to the i Tunes Media folder.

Your entire i Tunes Library is now consolidated in the folder that's listed in the "i Tunes Media folder location" box. Click the "Add" button to open a file browser, click once inside the address bar at the top to select the default path and press "Ctrl-V" to replace it with the path to the i Tunes Media folder.

You can’t categorize (though you can sort) by Genre, Artist, or Album.

Now that you can see the songs from your old computer’s library you can easily copy over individual songs, or groups of songs, by selecting them and dragging them up to your new computer’s library, which is at the top of the left-hand navigation.

If you’re decently tech-savvy, there’s a free method involving a little XML hacking that we cover in our post, Transfer i Tunes Playlists and Song Ratings.

If you don’t feel like messing with XML files, are a Windows user, and don’t mind paying a few bucks for software to save some time and frustration, you can buy i Tunes Transfer software, and read Using Software to Transfer i Tunes Playlists.

This probably isn’t acceptable to you (it certainly isn’t for us), so you’ll need to learn how to transfer all of that stuff.

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