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Billions of dollars are lost and the economic devastation caused by the Crash of 1929 is a crucial factor which leads to the Great Depression (1929–39).(News Ltd) seek financial assistance from HWT to continue operating.

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It rejects the concept of direct control over broadcasting by government, but it supports the ideas of cooperation between stations and a monitoring role for the Postmaster-General’s Department.

It makes recommendations with regards to the amount and distribution of licence fees as well as the location, power, frequency and operating conditions of stations and advertising restrictions and requirements.

He also purchased a personal share in Queensland newspapers in partnership with entrepreneur John Wren.

In 1908, Robert Clyde Packer began working as a journalist.

The Federal Government acquires all A class radio stations.

These are then operated by the Postmaster-General’s Department with programming supplied by the Australian Broadcasting Company.

Decimus Mott, a member of the Mott family, which had been involved in print since 1856 when they began Albury’s (NSW) first paper, purchases a group of suburban newspapers distributed in Melbourne.

Mott develops the Leader Group of newspapers from this purchase.

Keith Murdoch demands voting rights in the company in return for assistance.

This gives him control of the company, which his son Rupert later inherits.

Only four stations commenced operation under the sealed system, however, and only 1,400 listeners bought subscriptions.[45] In short, the sealed system was an outstanding failure. The new system comprised two groups of stations—Class A and Class B stations.

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