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She’s the only woman in the world with sufficient brains, it’s a miracle that she should exist; but if you’re not careful you’ll lose the opportunity…She’s young, wild, inquisitive, discontended, and longing to be in love.” Since she did not know Leonard very well and thought the matter to be a joke, Virginia gave no answer.

It wasn’t until two years later when Leonard returned to England that Virginia and Leonard met again.

When she committed suicide in March of 1941, she left a note for Leonard telling him: Leonard was devastated after Virginia’s death but carried on the best he could since he knew it was what Virginia wanted.

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By this time we were talking about everything and anything. Most people use pillow talk to express their sexual feelings and desires to their spouse.

Michael and I were doing that all day long by then.

That’s the short version, but the long version is much more informative to a couple considering this Hotwife Alternative Marriage Lifestyle for real. He began with the regular fantasy which I discovered is actually very normal, of wanting to share me with other men.

Did he understand at the time that by agreeing to do that for him was going to lead to an explosion of Communication in our marriage which was going to lead to building Intimacy on a higher level than I had ever experienced in 20 years of marriage? That was probably the very last thing on his mind at the time.

It was during the honeymoon that Leonard discovered Virginia’s dislike of sex, which they both blamed on her traumatic sexual abuse as a child. Shortly after their wedding though, Virginia was heartbroken when her doctors advised her to refrain from motherhood on account of her ongoing mental health issues.

Even after her marriage, Virginia continued to have many suitors, such as her friend’s husband, Phillip Morrell who developed a crush on Virginia in the summer of 1927. At the time, Virginia was in the midst of a lesbian affair with writer and aristocrat Vita Sackville-West.Fearful of marriage and the emotional and sexual involvement it required, Virginia hesitated.In a letter to Leonard, she bluntly stated: As I told you brutally the other day, I feel no physical attraction in you.It was also the last thing on my mind at the time as well because I was probably less than a week away from consummating my first affair. I wanted to hear more about this, if it wasn’t just drunk talk.My husband and I were virtually emotionally estranged at the time of his public proclamation at a beach camping party that the thought of me having sex with another man turned him on! So later when I got him alone I asked him about it and he admitted he had this fantasy of wanting to share me with other men.Surprisingly, Leonard knew all about the relationship and didn’t object.

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