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While in use since the early 1880s as a national anthem on a de facto basis, and the words to the anthem are from the tenth century or earlier, making “Kimigayo” the oldest national anthem in that sense, the government only officially adopted the anthem in 1999.The government presented its interpretation of the meaning of the anthem “Kimigayo” in the Diet during the deliberation of a bill to codify the country’s national flag and anthem.When the Meiji period began in 1868 and Japan made its start as a modern nation, there was not yet anything called a “national anthem.” In 1869 the British military band instructor John William Fenton, who was then working in Yokohama, learned that Japan lacked a national anthem and told the members of Japan’s military band about the British national anthem “God Save the King.” Fenton emphasized the necessity of a national anthem and proposed that he would compose the music if someone would provide the words.

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Fenton put his own music to the “Kimigayo” words selected by Oyama, and the first “Kimigayo” anthem was the result.

The melody was, however, completely different from the one known today.

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In July 1880, four persons were named to a committee to revise the music.

They were Naval Band director Nakamura Yusuke; Army Band director Yotsumoto Yoshitoyo; the court director of gagaku (Japanese court music) performances, Hayashi Hiromori; and a German instructor under contract with the navy, Franz Eckert.There have been many attempts to compose lyrics for the anthem; one set of lyrics by Eduardo Marquina was often heard during the reign of Alphons XIII (1886-1931), and lyrics which were common during Franco’s dictatorship (1939-1975); neither of these were official in their respective time periods, and have not been made official since then, due to their association with the dictatorships of Primo de Rivera and Franco respectively.Welcome to Jamaica Inn, high up on wild and beautiful Bodmin Moor and made world-famous by Daphne du Maurier's tale of smugglers, rogues and wreckers.In 1997 the royal family issued a decree regulating the official use of the anthem.Among other things, a long version and a short version (without the section repeats) were decreed, the long version is to be used for the King, the short version is for the Prince, the Prime Minister, or to be performed for sporting events or other events of the like.After the anthem was replaced by the Republican forces in the Spanish Civil War with “Himno Riego“, the victorious monarchist forces restored the “Marcha Real” by a decree from General Franco in July 1942.

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