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I've looked at having them catered for but it ranges between 5.50 -15.00 per head So please please please if you know of some easy to make cold canapes let me know.

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) that will make your missionary’s day, increase your testimony, unite you with your family, and help in the work of salvation.

Prayer If you don’t already pray regularly for your missionary, that’s a good place to start. Mandy Slack - Picture this: you’re in a Wal-Mart parking lot on a Monday evening (a little before 6 o' clock) and you see a yellow van park across from you.

Last summer, she was slated to work toward her teaching certificate in Spain and then live there, according to those who knew her. LDS Living Staff - Let’s face it—sometimes Sundays aren’t as enjoyable or fulfilling as we’d like them to be.

Between the stress of getting the family—and yourself—ready for church, preparing lessons, preparing meals, and keeping the kids occupied for the rest of the day, our day of rest can be anything but restful. Here is a list of great suggestions to make feeding the family a little easier: Get rid of the notion that we need to have a huge traditional meal after church.... Tyler Mc Kellar, adapted from "The Book of Mormon Family Reader" - General Conference Talk : “ The Temptations of Christ ” Howard W.

Find out this and more as you explore these awesome new companion resources for this year’s Gospel Doctrine Old Testament study. Deseret News - “It’s cool I get to come home from my mission and have a Star Wars experience,” returned missionary Mallory Adams said . It’s just creative.” Mormon missionaries in Kansas are excited to be home from their missions. And what better way to do that than by watching these uplifting stories of faith and encouragement? America's Got Talent Teen's Faith and Courage During Father's Cancer This year, LDS 13-year-old Evie Clair touched us with... We mourn with his family and loved ones and pray that they will be blessed with the comfort and peace of the Spirit as they remember him." Our prayers are... Packer, excerpted from "Memorable Stories and Parables" - The following is an excerpt from Memorable Stories and Parables by Boyd K. The Deseret News of 10 July 1956 printed a bulletin from the LDS Hospital on the condition of an 18-year-old girl who had been brought to the hospital six days earlier having survived nine days pinned under a car in Parley's Canyon, near Salt Lake City.

For Kids and Families Bible ites: An Illustrated Guide to the People in the Holy Bible by Ryan Jeppesen and David Butler Hardcover: .99; e Book: .99 From Adam to Zacharias, the people of the Bible teach us powerful lessons. Christensen, excerpted from "Types and Shadows of the Old Testament" - Leaving the world of the Egyptians was both joyful and terrifying for the Israelites. After all, they can finally catch up on all the Star Wars films they missed. Their wisdom is timeless and their words touch our hearts. From overcoming the loss of loved ones to learning how to make the members of your ward feel a little more included, these videos are an excellent reminder of the love the Savior has for all of us and how we can better help each other this coming year. LDS Living Staff - A Mormon missionary serving in the Nigeria Calabar Mission passed away Dec. Elder Maxwell Adjei Arthur was from the Assin Foso Ghana Stake and had suffered from seizures since childhood, according to a Church statement. The bulletin was, for a change, optimistic: "Attending physicians at the LDS Hospital said the girl's blood condition is so improved she likely will need no more transfusions.

Here are some adorable journals that are sure to inspire you to write down your thoughts and inspirations more often. Life is Beautiful Journal Buy Now Heart, Mind, Strength Journal Buy Now Gray Stitched Salt Lake Temple Journal Buy Now Peace in Christ Journal Buy Now Gratitude Is a Mark of a Noble Soul Journal Buy Now Our Family Council Journal Buy Now Happiness Is Found Along the Way Journal...

Richie Norton, excerpted from "Start Something Stupid" - A decision had to be made. A nurse quietly entered the room and injected a dose of epinephrine into his I. I wouldn’t have noticed her, except that when she left, she slid the glass door closed behind her and drew the outer curtain for our privacy. After days and days of incessant attention by multiple doctors and hospital staff, the room was completely quiet. The Virginian-Pilot - “Giving back and kindness were important to Paige and many people testified to this as they memorialized her after her passing," said Joy Rios, founder of Connect With a Wish.

Quiet, that is, aside from the gentle rise and fall of the ventilator and the soft beep, beep, beep of the heart monitor. At Virginia Tech, Paige Neubauer found it easy to live by the Delta Gamma motto – “Do Good!

” She was Tech’s student ambassador for the Peace Corps and was known for handing out smiles while working her cashier job at the Hokie Grill.

The door opens and kids, all dressed in knee-length shorts and capris, spill out onto the pavement.

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