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Return all curses placed on Brendan to their sender.

Give Brendan peace of mind.'When Broward county sheriff's charged Evans on Wednesday, he was already in police custody after being arrested earlier in the week for violating the terms of his probation stemming from a 2015 bank robbery in Hernando County.

– I went from having a personal preference against Communion in the hand to having serious misgivings about it for more objective reasons.

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And I noticed exactly zero change in how people approached and walked away from the Communion line at that very same Mass! Few Catholics would openly deny this dogma with their lips; but in practice, we see it denied all the time.

I think this teaching has become something kind of “magical”, if I may put it that way: Christ is sort of mystically present in the host, but he’s not worried about crumbs.

(We were further instructed to allow the host to dissolve and not chew it; I believe this was very practical advice, for if we chewed it particles might have gotten caught in our teeth, which could then fly out if we coughed, sneezed, or just talked.) Ever since that important day in my life – though there were many years when I did not go to church in-between – I have always preferred to receive Holy Communion on the tongue. And even now, as a priest, on the occasions when I simply attend Mass in choir, I still receive on the tongue.

In fact, once I was ordained and started reflecting at much closer range, so to speak, on these things – reflections often connected with practical matters, like how to distribute Communion well and efficiently, how to purify the sacred vessels properly, etc.

A Florida man has been arrested for repeatedly stabbing a pit bull puppy and leaving him for dead inside a suitcase.

Broward County Sheriff's Department said Brendan Evans, 31, will remain in custody despite receiving a 0,000 bond due to criminal charges stemming from an unrelated case, according to Sun Sentinel.

'We will not tolerate any form of animal cruelty or violence in our city,' Police Chief Chris O'Brien said Wednesday.

When I was a child and preparing to receive my First Holy Communion, I remember being taught to do so the traditional way: on the tongue.

According to an affidavit, Evans told police that he practiced traditions associated with Afro Caribbean religions and claimed to be a 'voodoo priest' on several social media posts.

Police said they also found several notes in Evans's apartment, with one reading: 'Make the entire pit bull investigation go away.

They took the dog to an animal hospital for treatment and named him Ollie.

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