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She has the mind to lead others to success, as well as herself.

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He is smart, kind, good-looking, and a good conversationalist.

Also, you’ve heard that a Capricorn man is a delight in bed, and you’d like to check that out for yourself.

Once she has a goal, she won’t easily give it up without giving it her best shot.

Her hardworking nature can help her to do anything that she sets her mind to.

There is little that can lower her self-confidence levels.

Once she is a friend, she will be loyal and caring.

This personality trait can make it hard for Capricorn women to make friends.

However, once they start getting along with someone then they will act warmer towards them, and it will easier to be friends from that point on.

The Capricorn woman traits show she is intelligent, and she usually does know how she should act, but when she doesn’t, she may take on an act of becoming silent and staying out of other people’s way so that she does not cause problems.

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