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If you want to up the romance stakes this Valentine's Day then why not think outside the box, or even outside the country for that matter.

This can easily be combined with a sightseeing tour of the island with time spent on the beaches of the southwest coast (see the 'Beach Destination' section for more info).

Every month of the year holds its own unique offering of special events and festivals.

While Carnival is celebrated throughout the country, the real heart of the action is found amongst the crowds on the streets of Rio de Janeiro with lively samba parades & dazzling costumes. On 21st February, the date of King Ramses II's ascension to the throne, you can witness the bi-annual occurrence of the Abu Simbel Sun Festival, when the sun’s rays align to illuminate the inner sanctum of the temple. Camels also feature highly with camel races, polo and even camel dancing. Traditions associated with Chinese New Year include the lighting of firecrackers, gifting of money in red envelopes and decorating the streets with oval red lanterns.

Many cities will also host colourful parades with dragon dances to scare away evil spirits.

In February this means epic street parties and desert spectacles. 9th-14th February 2018 With the festivities of New Year’s Eve already a month behind us you may be itching for another excuse to party.

Here's our choice of the best festivals that take place around the world. Well, lucky for you Brazil comes alive in February for the world’s most famous street party. 22nd February 2018 While the ancient wonders, beautiful Red Sea beaches and warm dry climate are reason enough to visit Egypt in February, the list doesn’t stop there. 29th February 2018 Set against the massive golden citadel of Jaisalmer in the mighty Thar Desert, this vibrant festival celebrates Rajasthan's rich cultural heritage with extravagant song and dance performances, quirky moustache contests, turban tying competitions and ceremonial processions. 16th February 2018 Dating back centuries, Chinese New Year is one of China's most important festivals with celebrations lasting almost two weeks.The scene you're picturing would be the Maldives, an idyllic Valentine's destination for February.If you've got some extra time on your hands consider combining the Maldives with the cultural delights of Sri Lanka.This good weather coincides with the peak travel season so plan accordingly to see the temples without the worse of the crowds and capture those perfect images.If you want to dive head first into winter, the northernmost island of Hokkaido in Japan is a great place to consider.Traditional riads offer an intimate and often stylish place to stay with only a handful of rooms characterised by ornamental details and rich-coloured furnishings with tranquil inner courtyards for all to enjoy.

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