Dating diasters

Despite this, Momoko is actually at Toubo Rooftop, near the tables.

Isn't today supposed to be our shopping date in Shibuya?

He was convicted and sent to prison for a 4-year term.

What do you do when you learn that your potential date is a felon?

The player is given two options on how to respond: If the player chooses option 1: Waiting Girl: Huh!?

Regardless of what option the player chose: Momoko leaves the Idolasphere and reunites with Hayato.

Something about his forced retirement combined with his love of daredevil high-risk sports made me Google him to see if I could learn more.◊♦◊I don’t usually Google my dates before meeting, because I think it’s good to go in with an open mind.

I trust my intuition to alert me if anything feels off with a potential date, and if it does, I will either check him out on Google or just say no to a first date.And if so, could he explain.“Yes, it’s me”, he said.“There’s an explanation, but it’s too much to write about.I tell this tale with the hope that it could help you dodge a bullet (literally or figuratively). Do stay safe, and remember to trust your intuition.It knows the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Speak to Hayato again and tell him Momoko is now at Daitou TV Station. Fine, I'll just go watch that play by myself, I guess. He is now in front of the stage in Daitou TV Station.

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