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If you’re in a relationship, I can help you resolve issues to improve your connection.

Your reactions to the “Bad Boys & Addictions” article was swift and enthusiastic.

Turns out that almost every woman has had some kind of experience with bad boys, not all of them healthy. ” Here’s one from Theresa: This post really hit me.

As Remi, a young woman spiraling after a breakup, the 23-year-old makes three things clear upfront: Remi is entitled. And she’s always on her phone.“Everything about being a part of her generation—even the tools she uses to feel better about herself, like social media—makes her more insecure,” says David, who, with cocreator Elisa Kalani, metes out snack-size episodes on 86

A typical insight: In “Tight Vagina Melissa,” about the girl your ex dates after you, Remi begs her friends to post a picture of her at a party. “If I’m just tagged in it, then he knows I went out but didn’t feel the need to prove it.” (Fun bonus: David’s real-life love, creator pops, Larry David, mines feelings of alienation for laughs.

As a licensed and skilled therapist, I have been called one of the nation’s top relationship experts (according to Mc Calls), I have helped countless people develop more satisfying and lasting relationships and I can help you too.

If you’re single, I can help teach you the dating skills you need to find that deep connection you’re looking for.

“My dad told me at a super-young age that what I need to do to feel fulfilled and not sad and alone is to write comedy,” she says.

“Hopefully, he’s right—or I’ll really have been putting myself out there for no reason.”You can catch the final two episodes of Glamour: Wait, are you calling me from a land line? Glamour: I’m picturing you in your pajamas in front of, like, a bulletin board, eating a bowl of cereal. No, I'm actually in bed in my pajamas with a land line. But I have no service in my house, so I don't really have a choice.

I wanted to tap into a new sector of the millennial mind and show a genuine side to the realities they're facing.

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