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“Not everything has to be newly built to be truly amazing.” Hester can attest to that.

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Actually, the show could be called “Texas Move N Flip,” because that’s the sequence in which it happens.

After they make their bargain purchases, they lift the buildings onto the backs of flatbed trucks and haul them away to a location outside Rhome, in Wise County, and subject the houses to extreme makeovers.

A Boulder student explained, “Despite all the talking people in Boulder do about being liberal and accepting, don’t expect to find a very warm reception if you differ much from the trustafarian mindset.” If you try dating in cities such as Boulder, that consist of people with close-minded personalities, you will most likely have an unpleasant dating experience.

Whether you are going on a Tinder date or a blind date in Fort Collins, you will most likely meet someone with a great personality.

Compared to other cities in Colorado, Fort Collins is a very inexpensive place to go on dates.

Whether you are taking your date to dinner or a movie you will be able to find extremely reasonable prices.

“I was at Panda Express in Burleson,” he remembers.

“A woman walked up to me and said, ‘Oh, my gosh, my husband would freak out if he knew you were here.’ I told her, ‘I’m still the same ol’ broke house mover I’ve always been.

“There are a lot of older homes out there that still have a lot of life in them.

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