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The market leader from the UK and Germany to Turkey is Thomas Cook.It revealed that it had cut capacity to Turkey by 40 per cent, leading to a £100m reduction in revenue between April and June this year.

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According to GMO Awareness, genetically modified foods have been in grocery stores since 1994.

There is little data about the effects of consumption in humans. Significant findings so far are: Due to safety and environmental concerns, GMOs were banned in 38 countries by 2015, according to Sustainable Pulse.

Figures just released for June – before the attempted military coup – show a fall of 41 per cent in international arrivals compared with 2015.

The travel industry expects the numbers to get significantly worse for the height of the season.

When considering the statistics, it's important to consider the source.

There are organizations that are strong proponents of GMOs and those that strongly oppose the practice. Many people, including Americans do not want to purchase modified.

7 and 8) and there were 5,190 test releases by 2014. Additionally, some dairy products come from cattle injected with genetically modified recombinant bovine growth hormone (r BGH), given to increase milk yield.

However, the Union of Concerned Scientists USA report that benefits from a drought resistant GM corn were modest and did not meet expectations and were effective only in moderate drought. Some facts about this hormone are: The Center for Food Safety reports that around the world as many as 35 different species of fish are being genetically engineered. The fish have been engineered to grow at two times the rate of non-modified salmon.

Average Americans are prepared to pay 5-14% more for non-GM food, and students even up to 60% premium, according to the ERS report (pg. The only way to ensure buying non-GM food in the United States is to buy organic.

GMOs, and products with an ingredient derived from a GMO, cannot have the USDA organic seal on their labels.

1) notes that some common applications have been to produce: Genetically modified plant foods are making their way into the diets of people around the world.

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