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In Insurance, Railroading, Political Econo- my, Sociology, Eugenics, Aeronautics, Motoring, .-F. JU-.i.-rvils^Jl S'PSf S^KSK — 6 — Aviation, and Motor-boating, many new terms have come to light.

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The vehicles of transportation and of communication, the railroad, the steamer, the electric car, the automobile, the air- ship, the telegraph, the telephone, the wireless mes- sages, the new inventions in agricultural implements and in the machinery of production, all mark stages in the progress of civilization.

One of these tools, susceptible of improvement is language itself.

The remedy is the creation of one common inter- national or universal language. Two years is but a small fraction of the time that would be saved 7 — to each person by a practical scientific language. At the present time many inventors are eagerly searching for its solution.

The advent of this universally understood world- language is certain. Send back to the kindergarten the man who disputes it. The past attempts to create a universal language manifest the need of it. All suggestions for solving it fall into two classes.

The ter- minology of Botany was completely recast by the In- ternational Conference of Botanists held in Vienna in 1905, which made it necessary to rewrite all the definitions in this science.

Astronomers have given us new phenomena, explorers have given us new words.

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