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BET reports that the pair dated for about a year before things fell apart. He sent the record back on my birthday, which was crazy.Perhaps it was because social media wasn’t as wildly popular back then, but the breakup drama was relatively mild (unlike some couples nowadays). The record is very explosive and what I'm saying, it triggered him to say what he's saying. It's a dope record." Promoting her record is probably the reason this small bit of gossip is being trotted out, but you know, it worked. At least they didn’t fake anything to get people to buy records.

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Megan Good Megan Good and Lil Wayne dated for three years.

Skylar Diggins The rumor goes that Lil Wayne and the beautiful athlete Skylar Diggins once dated.

She reportedly dated Lil Wayne, but the black beauty denies all the rumors circulating about their relationship.

Shanell Woodgett She is a singer-songwriter from Springfield, Massachusetts.

Solange Knowles She is songstress, actress, and a model as well.

Solange, the beloved sister of Beyonce, was the talk of the town in 2006 when she had a relationship with Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne and Shanell have kissed on stage during a live performance which gave birth to the rumors that they are in the relationship.

However, the hot diva slammed all such rumors and denies any sort of relationship with the rapper.

Her great hip-hop skills added her on the list of “31 Female Rappers Who Changed Hip-Hop” in 2014. She is the first among those who managed to grab the attention of this hip-hop artist. Trina also became pregnant by Lil but, unfortunately, she suffered a miscarriage.

Some unfavorable events became the cause of their split.

He is a massively successful rap artist who is very open about his love affairs and sexual desires.

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