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Early industries which soon prospered included the production of textiles, nailmaking and salt panning.The Industrial Revolution of the 19th and 20th centuries proved to be the most famous period for the town which saw the introduction of linoleum.

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Good all round condition for age Paint is fair but a re-spray would bring it up to concourse and probably into the 20k bracket Will come with 12 months MOT I bought this car a few years ago, as I wanted to see if classic cars were for me.

With limited knowledge and limited budget I wanted:- A good solid car, with no welding required.

It is derived from the Pictish caer meaning "fort", caled, which is Pictish "hard" or a personal name Caled, and –in, a suffix meaning "place of".

Caled may describe the fort itself or be an epithet for a local "hard" ruler.

Well I dont think I could have chosen a better car.

Everything on this car is well engineered and well made; the 4 litre 6 cylinder Rolls Royce engine is bullet proof and runs like a dream, quiet and powerful.

The majority of the dykes contained small gates for the benefit of the town crofts and burgesses, who were responsible for their protection and maintenance.

Three main gates became the focus point of the burgh, which were situated in East Port, West Port and near the Old Kirk on Kirk Wynd.

However she is as solid as a rock, obviously there is some cosmetic rust, dents scratches as you would expect with a 50 year old car. Vanden Plas 1500 5 Speed Manual in very rare Tahiti Blue (1976)Vanden Plas 1500 5 Speed Manual in very rare Tahiti Blue - Walk Around Video See Video: Ejk?

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