Dating pet peeve

Or does one person know the other individual just a little better? There is an easy way to find out the answers to these questions. Are you one of those couples who knows each other from head to toe, or do you still have a lot to learn about each other?

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Would I want my parents to live with me when they get old?

What are 3 places that I have been to and would love to visit again?

If my job forced me to take a vacation for 3 days, what do you think I would do? If I could get on a plane to anywhere in the world, where would I go?

If I opened a restaurant, what kind of food would I serve?

Alig's saga reached its tragic crescendo when he viciously murdered his drug dealer, Angel, by injecting him with Drano and throwing him in the East River.

The power he wielded on the club scene made him feel untouchable, so he didn't hesitate to boast of the murder. Much of the music that plays in the club scenes was not around when the original parties took place. James is in the "do not feed the drug child" cage (supposedly in the 80s), the music in the background is "Frank Sinatra" by Miss Kittin and the Hacker, a song which wasn't released until 2000.

What is the longest relationship that I have been in?

Which holiday gets me more excited, Christmas or Halloween?

Whether you have been in a relationship for a few months or a few years, we all like to think that we know our significant others pretty well.

Do you think that you and your special someone both know each other inside out?

What is the worst trouble that I got into as a child? Would I rather spend a day with my parents or your parents?

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