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Stalin was responsible for the deaths of about 10-12 million Soviet citizens including 6-8 million during the Collectivisation of Agriculture (1932-1934), 2 million state prisoners from overwork and starvation during World War II, 1 million in the famines of 1946-7 caused by the Germans' scorched-earth strategy, 800,000 executed during the purges of 1935-9, and thousands executed or dead in prison as a result of political crimes (as opposed to robbery, murder, etc).

Stalin also did little to prevent Nazi German and Imperial Japanese POW, Nazi German and Japanese citizens, and German and Japanese settlers evicted from eastern Europe and east Asia, from being victimized by Soviet or local troops and citizens.

This doesn't mean that fascist partisans no longer exist (they do, and are even politically competitive in some countries); it does mean, though, that they usually must perform all kinds of rhetorical gymnastics in order to present themselves to the public.

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Pol Pot was responsible for the deaths of at least 1.5 million Cambodian citizens, largely in the Cambodian Genocide of 1975-9 which reduced the population of the country by a fifth in an attempt to totally extirpate all non-Communist influences.

The few "Communist" governments which survived the collapse of the Soviet Union now largely exist in name only.

Love using words like "fact", "reality" and "truth" as it makes them sound like genius outcasts.

Often, liberals will see them as an exaggerated version of their stereotypes of conservatives, and vice versa.

Several hundred thousand of these may have been killed or died after being robbed of food, and more were sexually assaulted.

Chairman Mao Zedong was responsible for the deaths of at least 36 million Chinese citizens including about 35 million during the abortive Second Five Year Plan (marketed as "the Great Leap Forward", 1958-61), about 1 million designated as "landlords" by local communities and executed in public show trials, at least several thousand identified as "reactionaries" and "capitalist-roaders" and killed by teenaged Red Guards in the mob violence of the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, and several thousand more executed or dead in prison as a result of political crimes.Fascists Fascism is also politically unacceptable given the atrocities committed by Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, and the quasi-fascist states of Romania and Spain.With the end of WWII, the notion of a Fascist politician or leader went the way of the Dodo bird and is often portrayed as behind Nazism and Communism in terms of evil.The Nazis Being megalomaniacal racists bent upon world conquest and mass extermination is obviously wrong.The fact that the Nazis are one of the few groups that made a serious go at world conquest in real-life and spread the effects as far as they did took the idea of it from "stock goal of fictional villains" to Adult Fear and No Mere Windmill.Anarchists The word invokes images of groups of bikers with guns and Molotov cocktails spreading terror to the surrounding countryside and militia that do what they please, regardless of the damage that is done in the process, because, after all, Anarchy Is Chaos.

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