Dating traditions in the 1980 s the bounce back to dating formula review guide

In-laws frequently cooperated in herding or joined the same herding camp.[Source: Library of Congress, June 1989 *] In cities, the wait to be assigned an apartment did not seem to delay marriages, perhaps because the couple had the option of moving to a ger on the edge of the city until an apartment became available.

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Since the early 20th century, most marriages have been initiated by the couple themselves rather than by parental arrangement.

The image of courtship presented in contemporary Mongolian stories and pictures is of a young couple riding across the grassland on their horses while singing in harmony.

In terms of celebrated events, weddings have traditionally been given more importance than births or deaths.

In the old days, Mongols typically married young: girls when they were 13 or 14 and boys a few years later. Before the 20th century, intermarriage between nobles and common people was permitted except that daughters of Zhasake lords were not allowed to marry common people.

* Most marriages were between schoolmates or coworkers.

Such a mechanism of mate selection reinforced the tendency, common in many countries, for people to marry within their own social stratum.

[Source: *|*] There is no tradition of dating yet premarital sex is common among herders.

Newly married couples have typically gone to live with the groom’s family.

When the young couple are of appropriate age, the young man will ask a respected person - usually his father, an uncle, or other relative - to intercede on his behalf, asking the young woman if she is willing to marry him.

However, young, eligible women do not give in easily, as there are many factors to be considered.

* Pre-Wedding Rituals in Mongolia The traditional wedding process begins when family of the groom sends messengers to the family of the bride.

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